There is so much content on bullies everywhere. They are known as evil, or mean and the word itself is generally frowned on. Being called a bully is such an insult- it means you are mean, selfish, self-centered, you don’t care about anyone or anything but yourself. Hell if you type up bullies on the internet, all you get is people threatening others or making fun of them. Im here to tell you that bullies are humans too. It might not seem like it – especially if you are the one being bullied but most bullies dont realise they are hurting you. It might just seem like banter to them or if not, its hardly that they actually hate you but that they need someone to release their anger, their pain, their suffering on someone so they dont feel so alone in the world. Most bullies are getting bullied themselves. I want to write more but i dont know what to write. I just know that not everything is as it seems. If you are getting bullied, please try to understand the bully’s POV. I dont know how to stress this point enough. BULLIES ARE HUMAN TOO.