All my school years so far


So this all started in kindergarden and when i was in there i had a hard time seeing the board and letters and other things. So i went to the eye doctors and got glasses. When i got glasses i was picked on for that. As 2 years progressed i was coming into the 2nd grade. Then i got picked on for what i weared to school. Then it went on to my face the my hair style. i did nothing about it and that got me thinking about talking to my dad and mom, and so i did. When i told my parents at 7 years old they told me that not all people are nice too you (i am always nice to people even if there my bullies) and they also said that i am way too nice to people. And then when i was in 6th grade i was getting my pencils taken, getting beat up, slamin my books to the floor for no reason. And only a couple of friends to hang out with. Which me and my friends got bullied together (it wasn’t just me by the way) and me and my friends were friends since kinder garden. Then whoa a whole new world 7TH GRADE (this is middleschool for my school and is in the high school building together) i was getting picked on left and right i was so overwhelmed i couldn’t do my homework and i was failing because i was worrying about whats going to happen to me. As school progressed to the end of 7th grade i was getting picked on alot less. But now i only have a couple people still bullying me. But i am in 9th grade and 14 years old now and still going strong. I still get picked on for what i wear which is walmart clothing and not expensive clothing.