A Fight For Life


I didn’t know it then,
But I do now.
I was bullied,
I was hurt,
By a girl in my class,
My 5th-grade year.

She left me out at recess.
She left me out at lunch.
I tried my best to do things right,
But it was never good enough.

The classroom wasn’t much better.
She left me out there too.
I tried to befriend the other girls,
But they left me,
Just to be with her.

I tried to tell the teachers.
I tried to tell my mom.
A girl was being mean to me,
Yet, I didn’t see a change at all.

So, I kept it to myself.
Hoping that tomorrow would be better.
Tomorrow turned into next week.
Next week turned into next month.
And soon school was done.

6th grade started up.
That girl was still there.
She left me out some more that year.
Until I had enough.
I don’t want to live anymore,
I cried myself to sleep one night.