Its hard to be yourself


It all started in 5th grade because this was when I transferred schools. So I’ve always been an extroverted kid, and in 5th grade, I went to what I’ll just call stonewall intermediate. This school was known to be the best school district in my state but the problem was it had tons of spoiled kids. I was a good kid but would get in trouble a lot and got lunch detention and Friday night school often. but I never meant anything but they did ……the boys. but these boys bullied me for having a Samsung, being chubby, having acne, and calling me names. The bullies pointed out anything they could point out, and this was especially hard on me because I didn’t have any friends well close ones, and little by little I showed less and less emotion and became very introverted. I wish I had reached out for help sooner because in my freshmen year of high school I made a real friend and she helped me reach out to get them suspended for a few weeks luckily because my school had a strict bullying policy.