8 years


I used to have a best friend who i had known since birth. Though one time i got placed in a class with one of her other best friends. At first i saw this as an opportunity to hopefully make new friends as i had always been very shy. But surprisingly she seemed to have a deep feeling of hatred towards me (still no idea why). She would try to take my only friend away from me and i would spend every break just walking circles around the playground on my own. That might sound exaggerated but its literally the only thing there was for me to do. Eventually her harted turned into gossiping and physical violence, eventually she managed to turn almost everyone in my class against me including my former best friend. I was extremely lonely and would often do stupid things to get attention from others so they would notice me. This went on for 8 years straight. One of the few things my bullies did was send me death threats and often curse at me on the playground. I still have a few scars from when i was bullied but most of them aren’t that noticeable luckily. I won’t get into too much detail about some of the things they did but it always happened on the playground during lunch breaks. That concerns me because none of the teachers ever cared. All they ever did was tell the bullies to say sorry and then patch me up with some bandaids. I was also a special needs kid as i had prescribed medicine and a few objects i needed in class. They would often trash my most important stuff and then just say it wasn’t them. They never really faced any consequences which is why it went on for so long. Cursing, kicking, spitting, pranking none of it was ever important to the teachers. I live in a small town so switching schools was never an option before. I did actually change schools eventually though. I’ve made a lot of friends and haven’t been bullied since. It’s still very hard though, i had little to no experience with friends going to my new school for the first time, so it was all very new to me and hard to process. Currently i am very happy and have a lot people that care about me :).