7th Grade


My 7th grade was terrible and full of bullying. Thank god I only have 2 weeks left. So there was this kid who used to be my friend. I met him at the first day of school, when I moved from another country. He was nice and sweet, and I thought he would be the last kid to bully me. But no. Within just 2 weeks, he started his first bullying attempts. He would ignore me one day, and talk to me the next. I was friends with someone he didn’t like, and whenever he would hear I talked to his enemy, he’d completely stop talking to me for a day. It got worse and worse. He even gossiped about me. I eventually had enough of him, and left. Then, he started to bully me. He would turn my friends against me, laugh and point at me, and make rude gestures. Eventually, this escalated to rumors and other worse things. He would throw balls at me, say I was gay, tell my friends I use them and want to “do it” with him. He also follows me around everywhere with his posse. He does this to make me miserable. I try talking to the principal and counselor, but they did nothing to help me. Eventually, I talked to them enough that they gave me a class switch. But they still do it. But now I am not a victim. I have learned to find myself and other real friends who don’t put up with bullies. I’ve learned that none of us who have been bullied or are bullied are victims, we are STRONG and POWERFUL for living one more day. I’ve learned it will eventually get better, even though its taking slow to happen.