When I was 11 I was bullied by the three people who I thought were my best friends. One I had known from multiple years prior and the other two I had just met that year. They bullied me for who I was, what I wore, you name it. Every time I walked away or told them to stop they would follow me saying ” come on, can’t you take a joke?” One day they even texted me about how no one would ever like me and that they ” never would have become my friend if they knew who I actually was” but they said that they would ” give me a second chance because they felt bad for me.” I deleted the text messages cause I thought it was my fault. They even pushed me to the point where I was very close to ending it all. This continued for a few years but it felt like an eternity, until I told my classmate what was going on. They helped me out of the dark place I was in and even yelled at the bullies for how mean they were to me. I now know that what those bullies did was UNACCEPTABLE. The one thing that still gets me is if you were to ask the bullies what they did, they would have no idea. Just remember everyone that no matter who you are, how old you are, where you are from, etc., bullies and mean people do not and I mean DO NOT deserve a place in your life. You are beautiful in every way and the bullies are just jealous because of how amazing you are. You make the stars shine brighter and every time you look into a mirror, the mirror feels blessed that the most beautiful person in the world is looking through them. Remember to keep shining like a diamond, just like you always have.