WOW… It has taken me about five years to finally be able to open up to everything about my experience of being bullied.
My first experience of bullying happened in Seventh grade, first day back from Christmas break to be exact. I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up, got ready for school and waited outside for the bus. The day went on just like any other normal day. I went to my four classes, then had a break where we were allowed to go to our locker, get our books for after lunch and recesses and go to our homeroom’s to either do homework or read for 45 minutes. Anyways, when I was going to my locker after fourth period, I remember opening my locker as I heard a group of girls giggling and pointing at me. I had absolutely no idea what they were laughing at, so I decided to make my locker my shield and stuck my head into my locker.

I pretended as if I was getting my books when I started to eavesdrop on a familiar voice saying, “OH MY GOSH! Did you see what they wrote in the bathroom?” Hearing the girls laughing.