I had a friend that I considered my best friend. Unfortunately, she overheard one of my bullies and she stopped talking with me. The same thing repeated for the next couple of years until grade 2 when one of my bullies transferred schools. There were 2, but the other bully acted a bit friendlier. I was pretty quiet with a new friend I made for 2 years, until grade 4 when I made a new friend. We were pretty close for a few months until she started threatening that she wouldn’t be my friend anymore unless I bought her candy. I told my mum about this, and she said not to be friends with her anymore. I continued being her friend the next day though, as I only had 2 friends that year, so I didn’t want to stop. Soon she introduced me to 2 of her other friends, which were my acquaintances for the rest of the year. The next year, they didn’t want to talk to me anymore for an unknown reason. Instead, they grimaced at me in the hallways, which I soon learned to ignore. Nothing much other than that happened that year. Then the next year some of the boys in my class started calling me “Virus” which I soon learned to use to my advantage and went about my way alone and at peace for the rest of the year. After that year, i transferred to a new school where no one bothered me with insults, and i made a few more friends.