In 4th grade, I was frequently harassed by one of the boys in my class. He would make rude comments like “you’re fat” or “you’re weak”. He also would also show inappropriate actions toward me. Once in the library, I sat on the chair that he apparently wanted. Then when I refused to move he “tripped” and landed on top of me. Some other kids in my class got him off and helped me up. I avoided him for the rest of the day. I decided to tell a teacher and he got suspended. During his punishment, he also wrote a letter of apology to my parents and that was the end of that. He left the school at the end of 4th grade and I don’t really see him anymore.
In 5th grade, a boy that I have been with since preschool also started to make rude comments and make rumors about me. He also would make songs about me that were mean and he would sing them to the other boys in my class. ON a day when I had finally had enough. I asked my teacher for a break and walked out. When I came back, I explained to my teacher what he did and he got in trouble as well and he left at the end of 5th grade.

I learned a lot since then. I am in 6th grade now and when people say mean things I have learned to ignore it and make sure I am hanging out with the right people at all times. No matter what people say you are perfect just the way you are<3