I’m being bullied too in my class. I am an international student and since I didn’t speak the local language fluently, I always receive nasty comments and the cold shoulder from my classmates. When i did an even small mistake, they comment it on my face say “even that simple thing can’t be done”. Or when there is group work or discussion, I’ll be left out. When I try to help with the group work, they ignore me, treat me like I’m an invisible man. It really is sucks for me. And the teachers are not helpful at all. They will just pretend to close one eye for all the bullying I receive. There was a case when I was being bullied and the teacher saw it but she didn’t say anything at all. At that time I really wished she will stand for me and at least reprimanded the bullies but what can I expect? Since then, I never want to discuss anything about my school life anymore with the teachers. Even if I told them, they are not going to help me at all. And they will just tell me to ‘speak up’ to the bullies. Like it is an easy thing to do. If it was so easy a thing, I will have done it long before.
The bullies always say nasty things in front of me, discuss it together while look at me like I’m really a nasty thing, the stupidest, the weirdest one. They never tried to hide it.
I know I’m an international student among the local students and I also know that I’m not a chatty person but can’t they at least be a little bit kind by not saying any nasty things in my face? I don’t really mind if they say anything bad on my back.
I really hope if you see someone who is being bullied, even if you didn’t stand up for him/her, please at least be friend or listen to her/his problem. It really will help brighten his/her day.