As a kid, I got bullied a lot because I was either too small, too skinny or I did not eat enough. Those are all things that they bullied me about. Now you may say that it is unhealthy for someone to not eat a lot but I am a small girl and I can’t eat that much. Trust me if I could eat more I would. I would be digging into all of those swiss cake rolls. But down to the point. I lost one of my friends because of another friend and now the friend that I lost give me dirty looks and glares. I have learned to accept the fact that she hates me and that we will never be friends again. She always comes up to me and asks me if we can be friends again and my answer is always no. You may ask why I would say no. Well, its because if I’m going to get bullied once by them I’m not going to be friends with them again just to go through the same stuff. I have learned that friends or best friends that you can trust are the ones that will stand up for you. I ones that will be there for you. The ones who will catch you if you fall. The ones who will pull you down off that ledge. Now I have not got on that ledge but trust me if you have the best friends that are always with you where ever you go and they sit with you at that lunch table as everyone just laughs and points because you have no friends. That’s how you know that your best friend. Now if you’re getting bullied by someone that thinks they are the best just remember this. Whoever is trying to pull you down is already below you. They just want a reaction. Give them one but make sure its that perfect smile of yours!!