I Care Because…

  • Bullying can put you in a bad place and it may put your self in harms way.

    Dylan — 11
  • I care Because it hurts people's feelings. You should not do it you can go to jail and come out a different person.

    Antwuan — 11
  • Bullying is something that people do because they feel powerful and think it's cool.

    Abbas — 13
  • Bullying is very hurtful. People can be very sensitive and bullies won't know. Imagine being bullied just because of the way you look or act. That's what some people in schools have gone through. Middle school through high school even to college. Bullying can always happen in any way. Having to know that people have to face stuff like this is very sad. Knowing they had to go through that for who knows how long, it could've been going on for years and nobody would know. Physical bullying is even worse then verbal bullying. Nobody should be hurt just because of a flaw, EVERYBODY has flaws. Nobody is perfect.

    Taylor — 11
  • bullying is not cool and when you bully it always comes back 10 times worse. if you are someone getting bullied and don't want to stick up for yourself talk to someone you are close to so that they can help you deal with your situation.

    Destiny — 11
  • i care because i believe that everyone deserves happiness

    ale — 16
  • I care because bullying is a very offensive action.

    Kenny — 11
  • I care because bullying is not a nice thing. and some people harm themselves or have suicidal thoughts which are not cool. I and my friend got bullied by two girls who we called our friends. they would pull our hair, call us names, throw sand in our eyes, and until we told our teacher. Nothing really changed then, but they stopped. This is why you can't trust everybody.

    Ireine — 11
  • it's not cool and hurts people.

    leslie — 15
  • If i saw someone getting bullied I would step up for them or i would tell them it's not cool and they should stop and don't ever do that again because it is not nice, and it definitely does not make you look cool or popular. So if you ever see some one getting bullied tell an adult or step in and tell them do not bully because it is not pretty or nice, it makes you look bad.

    Angel — 11