I Care Because…

  • we are the same blood we may be different, but we are family

    daniela — 12
  • I have gotten bullied based on my skin tone, like all of my friends (that are white or have a pale skin tone) (i am part African American).

    Brooklyn — 12
  • I was bullied a few years ago and it hurt. Alot. Others should not feel that way. Bullying is wrong and if you are a bully, please. STOP.

    Kathryn — 12
  • I care because there is too much bullying in my school and drama and me in most of it PEOPLE WHO GET BULLIED STAND UP FOR YOUR SELF. DON'T LISTEN TO THE BULLY.

    cathryn — 12
  • I feel like people in general want to be treated a way they'll feel loved. Cared about, more . So, bullying is never the case. If you see something, you should always say something. You should always remember, YOU CAN. YOU WILL. END OF STORY.

    Da'Niyah — 13
  • I have been bullied because of my panic disorder and its been hard. i have had days that i couldn't even go to school because of the bullying. i want people to know that life will get better and you will move on. you always have a friend who going to be there for you! don´t give up!

    Violet — 13
  • I've been bullied in 5th and half of 6th grade for being part of the LGBTQ+ community and it hurt, it really did, I don't want others to deal with those kind of thing just because of who they truly are.

    seth — 13
  • I care because I’ve seen the effects of bullying causing my friend to hurt herself. She never told anyone until her mom found out. I wish she would’ve told me. Everything could’ve been different.

    Joe —
  • I care because it has happened to many times to me and if I can finally get away from it, others should too!

    Unknown — ?
  • I care because bullying is never ok, people who bully need to stop, just because you dislike the person doesn’t mean you have to make them suffer! Imagine you were him or her! How would you feel? The victim may have a bad home life or something worse. Don’t bully and be nice! Bullies don’t know their personal life.

    K — 19