I Care Because…

  • Bulling is not ok because people will be insecure and then it will lead to that person hurting themselves and also hurting those around them.

    Walter —
  • I was bullied all through elementary and middle school and it was such an awful feeling and it made me feel so bad about myself, so I care because I know how it feels to be mistreated and no one deserves it so I care because I know I can make a difference and I will not rest until I make one.

    Denise Aguirre — 16
  • I've been bullied before.

    Arkin — 11
  • I Care Because everyone in the world has pain and if you see someone with pain just remember the last time you had pain and do not let him have that kind of pain.

    Mason — 12
  • Everybody doesn't deserve to be bullied everybody deserves to be kind and helpful to other like everybody should show Empathy.

    Cedric — 12
  • i have also been bullied for years and i know how you feel and a way to make it stop is to say thank you act like you dont care and walk away and they will be confused so they will stop.

    camron — 11
  • I Care Because All people should be treated the same way. If someone is being rude to another, always stand up for the person being bullied. Always remember that all people are different, but alike at the same time.

    Brenon — 11
  • I care because my friends have gotten bullied, and they told me how sad and mad that they were.

    Julian — 11
  • There are ways to deal with problems besides bullying other kids. It's not necessary, and it can really impact people very badly.

    Art — 13
  • I care because people should not be treated that way, it can really have an effect on their self esteem or make them feel weak and useless and nobody should feel that way and nobody should make them feel that way. It's a unacceptable thing that happens to often.

    Hannah — 14